1. Click on Sign Up. Fill the Contact Form (Name, Username, Password, Email address) and click on Register button

2. Activate your account from your email

3. Login with your Email and Password

1. Pay Online with your ATM Debit Cards (Visa, Master or Verve Card) when you login by clicking on "Buy SMS"

2. Pay via Online Transfer from your Online Banking account with your token from your corresponding bank or with your mobile app e.g Diamond Bank

3. Pay by Bank Deposit. Visit the nearest branch of any of our Banks and make payment into any one of our banks.


Account Number: 0077220038


Phone Number: 09026025960

  1. Click Here to Login

    Click SINGLE SMS or BULK SMS under message interface by the right

In Recipients Field Under SINGLE SMS: enter number of person receiving SMS e.g 23480000000000 or 23480000000000, 23480000000001

Under BULK SMS: user the browse button to select NOTEPAD or TEXT DOCUMENT where numbers are saved in the format below: 23480000000000 23480000000001 23480000000002

Please note that MICROSOFT WORD Document IS NOT an acceptable file format to upload your numbers. Only use a NOTEPAD or excel format (CSV)

In Sender Field, a enter number or name (maximum 11 characters) e.g. WEBSMS-NG or Oluwatayo etc In Message Type Field, leave as- Text. 6. In Message Field, enter your message (1 SMS = 160 Characters).

In Schedule Field (optional), enter date and time if you want SMS delivered in future. 8. Go over all fields before clicking send.


Dear Esteemed WEBSMS Customers, with StackPay, you will be able to make online payments and your account will be automatically credited once you have been able to complete a successful transaction.

Alternatively, you can make online bank transfers to the following accounts and revert with the following to [email protected] or send a text to 09026025960Phone Number

Registered Email:


Credit Purchased:

The internet has made it convenient for people to pay for goods and services online. Sometimes, you may need to pay for a good or service online urgently and you may not have the times to drive down to the bank to make such payments or you may want to make payment at night when the banks have closed or over the weekend .

All these can be solved by paying for your goods and services directly on the website using your credit or debit cards like MasterCard or Visa Card.

Accounts are automatically credited after your online card payment is successful. You will not need sending an email or calling for accounts to be credited.

On WEBSMS-NG Website, we use Interswitch gateway. Interswitch Nigeria is a company which offers a secure electronic payment solutions in Nigeria making it a leading provider of secure electronic payment and transaction solutions in the Country.

It handles transaction processing and payment infrastructure in various sectors such as government, banks and corporate organizations. It has also produce hundreds of thousands of payment card types known as e-payment cards.

It creates a safe platform for customers to pay online without the fear of security.When a customer make payment from our platform with Stackpay, they are directed to a secure page provided by Interswitch.

The user will be required to enter their card number and PIN in a Secured Payment Area for authentication with the banks. If the transaction is successful, the total amount to be paid for the goods or services is transferred from the card holder's account to complete transaction and your account will be automatically credited.