Sending message to a dedicated group of users is tough through the normal methods. And when your content for every user is different, the job becomes even tedious. With the effective Dynamic SMS solutions of Bulk SMS Gateway, you can send such messages, popularly known as dynamic SMS’s, anywhere to anyone in the country.

We are the Best Dynamic SMS Service Providers in Nigeria, allowing you to send distinct messages to the specified group of users as per your requirements.

To know how it works, you can learn through t

he below.

From your WEBSMS login portal, click on Dynamic SMS

MS-Excel upload and MS-Excel Plugin

You need to store the data in multiple rows, containing the multiple rows and columns. The dynamic message will have a specific format with the dynamic parameter which will change automatically during the transition as the system will take their values from the uploaded excel file.

Prepare an excel sheet with variables you would like to insert in your text messages in this format

Note: The above is just an examples, your messages could have more than five variables or less. You can set or adjust the sheet based on your variables and date to fit your sms. Ensure that the first column is [COLUMN_0] and has the phone number variables, then save the excel sheet in csv format on your desktop or my documents.

Insert the Variable Columns in your text message

In the messages box is where the substitution of the variables will take place hence we have to ensure proper change to ensure messages is displayed and sent correctly to each and every one your customers on the excel sheet list.


Insert these columns in the appropriate boxes starting from the recipients box and then messages box. Then click on the send message button. A drop-down box would be displayed as above to confirm that message was sent correctly

Dynamic Messaging on WEBSMS NG

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